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The guys at Good Energy have been really supportive and excited about the expedition, so much so that they have made a contribution which allows me to keep the blog regularly updated during the expedition, so they and everyone else can follow the journey. Good Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind, water, sun and sustainable biomass. CO2 from coal-fired electricity generation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Switch your electricity supply to Good Energy using this link and not only will you be supporting the pioneering community of independent green generators, but for every sign up they get they’ll make another donation to help get the bus around the world. It helps you cut your personal CO2 emissions, helps them grow a great business, and helps me get round the world.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Press Release: Rubbish-Powered Bus Reaches Asia.

Adventurer Andy Pag (34 London) reached Asia last night, after leaving London in a recycled scrap yard bus powered only by chip fat. The veteran overland traveller is attempting to travel around the world using only rubbish to fuel his journey.

On Friday he crossed from the European side of the Istanbul Straits to the Asian side. “Crossing the Bosphorus is a real milestone. I’m actually quite relieved to have made it this far, but it’s only going to get tougher to find used cooking oil to fuel the bus from here on.” said Pag last night.

The journey has already had its challenges, and the bus is using more fuel than expected. “It’s a bad example of a type of bus that was never particularly efficient when new.” explained Pag, “It’s noisy, uncomfortable, slow, and it smells like a bus drivers armpit, but when you are using rubbish you can’t expect too much.”

Since leaving London on the 19th of September, the bus has covered 5000km through France, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, the Balkans and Greece to reach Turkey. In that time Pag has collected over 500 litres of chip fat and biodiesel made from used cooking oil to put in his tank.

After rest and repairs, the journey will continue on Tuesday. Ahead, the route will either have to contend with the insecurity in Pakistan or the cold temperatures of the Kazakhstani winter which risk solidifying the fuel into a greasy mess. Pag will make a decision on which route to take after reaching Iran.

During the journey Pag is reporting on how people around the world are addressing need to use low carbon energy through his website, and has set a CO2 emission target of 2 tonnes for his own 12 month journey, equivalent to the sustainability targets internationally agreed on for 2050.



Contact: Andy Pag 0792 44 959 36,

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