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The guys at Good Energy have been really supportive and excited about the expedition, so much so that they have made a contribution which allows me to keep the blog regularly updated during the expedition, so they and everyone else can follow the journey. Good Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind, water, sun and sustainable biomass. CO2 from coal-fired electricity generation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Switch your electricity supply to Good Energy using this link and not only will you be supporting the pioneering community of independent green generators, but for every sign up they get they’ll make another donation to help get the bus around the world. It helps you cut your personal CO2 emissions, helps them grow a great business, and helps me get round the world.

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I'm a bit fused by the build. The process is classic organic itterative design; try it, realise it would be better another way and take it all apart again.

Only 14 days to go before the bus and I are evicted. It's been on a friends farmyard for far too long. And now that I am working on it full time the weather is slowing progress.

On good days I've been able to get lots done, especially with Esther helping. She;s back down here next weekend. We've got all the body work panels on apart from one which I left open so we could pass big stuff in and out of the vehicle (and another one where the window frame is now too small for the glass after welding the frame). Inside I've used the non-itch insulation to fill the cavity, and ply to board up the inside. I've been learning my way with some of the power tools, so some of my right angles are hit and miss.

Today I made a great discovery, with the silicon gun you can stop it spurting out excess after you finish by releasing the pressure on the spring. I'm sure anyone that's used a silicon gun knows this, but its so satisfying not to be wasting loads of silicon.

Today was a big milestone. The tank went into place. I've built the frame work for the bed above it which hinges up so I can access the tank for trouble shooting. I just hope it all stays screwed together. I've used parts from 3 different single beds to make a double. - all fished out of skips.

The now oversize window is being ground down, although this can make toughened glass shatter. Fingers crossed it works, and that it's then the right size.

I still have to put on the skirts, wheel arches, solar panels, fit kitchen area, composting toilet, plumb it, electrify it all, and get the engine running again.

Good news is that Wayne Bint, who owns a bus garage and previously worked for Mercedes for years has agreed to help get the bus through it's MOT, fit a particulate filter, and get be a spares basket of used parts. Brilliant.

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