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The guys at Good Energy have been really supportive and excited about the expedition, so much so that they have made a contribution which allows me to keep the blog regularly updated during the expedition, so they and everyone else can follow the journey. Good Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind, water, sun and sustainable biomass. CO2 from coal-fired electricity generation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Switch your electricity supply to Good Energy using this link and not only will you be supporting the pioneering community of independent green generators, but for every sign up they get they’ll make another donation to help get the bus around the world. It helps you cut your personal CO2 emissions, helps them grow a great business, and helps me get round the world.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Passed without flying colours.

There's a lesson in all this MOT business. At each stage through this 4 week process to get the MOT we thought we could solve the immediate problem with a small bit of work, saving time and money. But each step forward revealed a bigger step that needed to be taken.

In the end we used the sledgehammer of changing everything for new parts on the back axle, drums, shoes, cylinders and pipework.

No one sells second hand brake parts, because of the liability involved if they are faulty, so new was the only and costliest option.

As Adam fitted the new brake shoes he noticed that the old ones had holes that put the return spring in more tension, which would have lead to their application being uneven.

The lesson in this is not "Don't scrimp and don't try shortcuts" because that rule can only be applied with hindsight. The lesson is more specific "Check the springs before you fork out for a new brake system."

The bus is now outside my home, MOT'd, taxed and ready to go.

Jobs left to do include;
Plumbing in the sink, the shower tray and the taps,
Building a solar collector on the roof,
Getting a lock for the door and fuel cap
Testing the fuel tank for leaks,
Filling it up and
Renting a Womble costume for the big departure which will be on the 12th.*

(*Subject to the fuel tank not bursting when I fill it up)

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