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The guys at Good Energy have been really supportive and excited about the expedition, so much so that they have made a contribution which allows me to keep the blog regularly updated during the expedition, so they and everyone else can follow the journey. Good Energy supplies 100% renewable electricity sourced from wind, water, sun and sustainable biomass. CO2 from coal-fired electricity generation is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Switch your electricity supply to Good Energy using this link and not only will you be supporting the pioneering community of independent green generators, but for every sign up they get they’ll make another donation to help get the bus around the world. It helps you cut your personal CO2 emissions, helps them grow a great business, and helps me get round the world.

Friday, 11 September 2009


Today is my last day before departure.

I've still not really taken in that this is it for about a year!

A few things left to tidy up. (Like my whole life), but looking back over the last 3 months I've created an amazing vehicle, thanks to the help of all the friends and sponsors that have got involved.

There are so many things in it that I forget some of the earlier stuff I did in the build, like the Non Itch insulation made with recycled plastic bottles. Remember that.

Today I have to finish welding the seeping hole in the tank. (it gets smaller with every attempt, and soon I will figure out exactly how to weld plastic and actually seal it fully). TVT are coming to fit the platignum dosing pump. These guys are even more last minute than me, which is a testament to how in demand they are.

I also want to finish plumbing the waste water so the wee from the composting toilet is diluted with it, and at last I can have a grand opening (of my bowels) at the grand opening of the bus.

I'm waiting for the Womble costume to be delivered this morning along with a photographer and a TV crew that are coming at some point today.

I'm surprisingly unstressed. Resigned to the fact that the bus will be an on going evolution along the journey, it's really not important that every detail is finished at the start.

Time to get to it.


  1. Good luck darling: I still remember your first trip when, aged four, you went down the road to buy an ice cream by yourself
    I always loved you

  2. Yes, It's been a non stop struggle to keep me tethered ever since. Luckily for you, you've been able to pass that battle on to Esther now.


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